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“Let all that you do be done in great LOVE.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14(NIV) 

CamZar Photography | www.camzarphoto.com

CamZar Photography | www.camzarphoto.com

You found us!

We are Cams & Blizzard, a Husband and Wife tandem of CamZar Photography, a Modern Wedding and Travel Photographer in the Philippines.

Photography is and has always been a part of our everyday life long before we were married. Travelling, being our first love led us in the discovery of our passion in this craft. Our God-given passion in photography not only bring us closer to Him but is also an avenue that help us exchange our very own practice of “I Do’s”.

After years of shooting different kinds of events, the magic of Wedding Photography particularly captivated our hearts. There is nothing more magical than witnessing and being able to capture, the beauty of love as it unfolds. It is truly a blessing and there is nothing more fulfilling than being able work on something which is more of a hobby than a living.

With CamZar photography, we don’t just take pictures, we deliver a story.

Our style is to illustrate beauty in its natural form, capture the love and friendship of two people in front of the altar and the union of families and friends who witness and share that spectacular moment.   We offer clean, clear and sharp photos that are full of emotions, immortalizing the memories in full colors and sharing the world the magic that captivated us.

With us, we engage with our clients in a real and personal way. From replying to your inquiries to shooting your engagement and your Big Day. We also personally take care of enhancing the photos and creating the album layout because of our commitment to deliver quality output with the utmost personal attention we can give from the moment you booked us until the delivery of those captured memories.

We’re looking forward to be part of your once in a lifetime event and a chance to start a beautiful friendship.

So, let’s start planning that “Big Day”! Maybe sit over a cup of coffee so we can discuss what we can offer to help you make your dream wedding possible?